The Mystery of the Soul

2019 / Oil on linen / 140 x 400 x 2,5 cm (Diptych)

‘The piece is inspired by the Cave of Saint John in Patmos (Greece), the journey of life and the mystery of the soul. On the right the road of life with all the challenges that you have to conquer on its way. And the tree of life, altered through life and full of wisdom reaching to heaven. When you enter the painting you literally walk on the road of life. The way to your soul is more difficult to see or reach, as this is hidden in the tumult of life with all its expectations and challenges, which is represented by the left and mid part of the painting. Through some situations you can literally be launched into this mysterious search of the soul. The two paths walk along each other, can come together or grow apart. I am interested in this journey to seek meaning in life and to seek the path of my soul. For me it is very interesting how you can incorporate the search for your soul into everyday life. The left part is the spiritual path of Saint John’s Cave, which represents the enlightened path of the soul, which is more hidden and difficult to reach. A road through the gardens of Paradise and accompanied by the Tree from Heaven, which is reaching for us and tries to guide us on the journey.’