The Road of Persistence Towards the World of a Dream (Study)

2022 / Charcoal, Conté and graphite on paper (Canson 200 g/m2) / 48 x 59 cm

The works are inspired by the poems Van de Graaf wrote in the preparatory phase of the series.


Poem written by the artist on the 12th of May 2022 (English original)

‘The Alchemy of Dreams – poem 8’


When the dark clouds come,

covering the lightness of your dreams,

and hit you like a lightning bolt,

leaving you as a hit animal beside the road,

take your boat of trust and let the waves lead you.

Just continue your way and look ahead,

where the light is gently touching the sea,

and directs you deep into you heart,

to the place which is home,

for your dreams becoming true.