8 April – 8 May 2024

EXHIBITION, ‘Untold Stories’, virtual group exhibition by Artsin Square


Please visit  Artsin Square – Virtual exhibition 6  to enter the exhibition


Untold Stories

Untold Stories showcase featuring the works of 31 artists working with diverse of medium, including painting, drawing, sculpture, print and collage. Each work in this exhibition has a story to tell, and each artist aims to convey that story using shapes and colors to connect with the audience. Through their choice of colors and the way they shape their creations, these artists communicate narratives that go beyond simple visuals, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in untold stories of personal experiences, social commentary, or reflections on life. By using forms and colors, these storytellers make their narratives accessible, bridging the gap between imagination and reality, and inviting viewers to explore their own interpretations and connections with their works.

Artists: Antonia Constantine, Archit Karkare, Cecilia Lopez, Christina Vasquez, Clare Parry, FeyziKutay Tufekci, Heidi Brueckner, Jana LaChance, John Howarth, Jeanmarie Weatherhead, Kat Spears, Kate Rusek, Kate McCammon, Kyung Tae Kim, Linda Meli, Luke Carlson, Luke Osborn, Mel Tychonievich, Monika Malewska, Nathalie Vogel, Nerea Azanza, Rebecca Rich, Richard Lee, Robert van de Graaf, Shi Liu, Susan Grace, Sylvia Fernandez, Tom Holmes, Violet Costello, Xixi Qian, Yiming Tang


-About Artsin Square 

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