The Angel of Chelsea

2020 / Watercolour Drawing Study / Watercolour, Graphite and Conté on paper / 29,7 x 42 cm

‘The painting is based on the question where to find meaning in this world. Where do you find hope, contemplation, inspiration and deepening? I think artists, art galleries and museums play an important role in providing this. The Angel of Chelsea is a symbol for bringing meaning to our life through art, the angel just keeps an eye on the process..

The painting is based on the crossroad in Chelsea, NYC, 10th Ave & 24th Street. In this series I painted the people in the streets as energies of souls with different kind of auras. I like this approach because I can paint the actual energy in the streets, the souls of a city. The souls of people which are all equal and color of aura corresponds by being good or better, bad or worse.’