2012 – 2016

Mystical Places on the Journey of Life

The Series ‘Mystical Places on the Journey of Life’ is inspired by mystical and spiritual places which Robert has visited through the years. His interest in the connection between the mystical in this world and the sense and the dimension of the spiritual world is the main theme in this body of work. 

Robert drew inspiration from three places in this series, Lisieux (France), Le Mont St. Michel (France) and Bohan (Belgium). These places have all been or still are places of pilgrimage and have a rich history. While one place has been almost forgotten, Bohan (Belgium), another belongs to the top touristic attractions of their country, like Le Mont St. Michel (France). 

The places are all connected with different Saints, Holy Virgin Mary, St. Michael, St. Thérèse of Lisieux and Joan of Arc. Robert is inspired by how these extraordinary beings could make a connection with the spiritual world and bring light, wisdom, guidance and hope to this world. 

Already since his childhood Robert has been interested in the connection with the spiritual world, but it was particularly in his painting that he explored this interest. His journey to seek meaning in life started already from this early age. This body of work is forming both a documentation of this journey while the works are also elaborating his internal journey to grow as a person.

Exhibition of ‘Mystical Places on the Journey of Life’


19 – 27 April 2015, ’s-Hertogenbosch,The Netherlands

SOLO-EXHIBITION at New Place art gallery

01 – 30 April 2015, ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands