8 January – 8 February 2024

EXHIBITION, ‘Embrace of Madness’, virtual group exhibition by Artsin Square




Embrace of Madness

Embrace of Madness showcase featuring the works of 33 artists working with diverse of medium, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video, animation, and collage. This exhibition displays the conventional boundaries of artistic expression, inviting you to embark on an exploration of the human psychology. In the solitude of their studios, each artist immerses themselves in a deeply personal journey, confronting the raw and unfiltered emotions that dwell within. Embrace of Madness serves a visual evidence the intricate dance between creativity and chaos. Through strokes of paint, detailed sculptures, dynamic videos, and collages that defy convention, these artists express the undefinable feelings that follow the solitary act of creation.

Artists: Brandon Aguiar, Catrin Perih, Damon Couto-Hill, Deb Koo, Frank Boyce, Haley Craw, Jeff Kraus, Jennifer Agricola Mojica, Joanna Poag, Joseph Justus, Julia Pomeroy, June Choi, Karolina Zglobicka ,Katie Berka ,Kiki Zhen, Laura Hudson, Luke Osborn, Mara Popa, Mark Engel, Mirielle Rohr, Mrs Luva luva, Qin Shen, Reza Seyfi Zoubaran, Rhianna Holdren, Robert van de Graaf, Rosina Rosinski, Sofia Malemina, Song Watkins Park, Susan Carr, Thalia Karpouzi, Vladimir Kordiukov, William Matheson, Zach Mory


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