2012 – 2016

The Spirit of Isla Es Vedra

The Series ‘The Spirit of Isla Es Vedra’ is inspired by the island ‘Isla Es Vedra’ in Ibiza, Spain. The island is covered in mystery coming from all periods of history. Legends even tell stories that the island is one of the remains of Atlantis. During a boat trip to Isla Es Vedra Robert was able to see and document the island from very close. The islands’s rich mysterious history and his documentation form the starting point of the series. 

Robert became particularly interested in the legend that the island is one of the remains of Atlantis. He interprets Atlantis as a place and time in history where heaven and earth still belonged together and people lived in perfect harmony with each other. The tension between reality and fantasy (the lost world, Atlantis) converge in these paintings and are emphasised by the use of a colourful palet. During the boat trip Robert was able to really absorb the energy of the island and used this to make this body of work.

Exhibition of ‘The Spirit of Isla Es Vedra’

ADAF 2014 (Annual Dutch Art Fair)

27 & 28 September 2014,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands