The Battle Between Good and Evil  / 2017 - 2018 / Oil on linen / 140 x 200 cm

Visions of St. John The Divine  /  2017 - 2018


About the series 'Visions of St. John The Divine'

The series ‘Visions of St. John the Divine’ are inspired by passages of the Revelations from the Bible. In this series he tries to blend together his imagination and passages from the Revelations while keeping  some freedom of interpretation for the viewer. Every painting is inspired by different passages of the Revelations.

The apostle Saint John was banned to the island Patmos (Greece) where his spirit was touched by the Spirit of God to write down the Revelations.

St. John dictated his visions to his pupil Prochoros who wrote down the visions. The pictures are seen through the eyes of Prochoros, who was the spectator of St. John and his visions. 

The Revelations remain a mystery as the texts are very hard to fathom.

Van de Graaf interprets the Revelations as a comment on modern society and a warning towards the fragility of the earth and mankind.

During his gallery research trip to New York in 2017 he visited the ‘Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine’  in New York City (Amsterdam Avenue at 112th street). From that moment he decided to dedicate at least three series to the Revelations and St. John the Divine. 

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