The Bible and the Sea  /  2016 - 2017

2017.P. Ange
Second Angel Pouring out His Bowl on the Sea / 2016 - 2017 / Oil on linen / 140 x 200 cm
The Downfall of the Burning Mountain
Voices from Heaven
Second Angel Pouring out His Bowl on the Sea
Jesus with Apostles in the Storm_2
Moses Walking through the Red Sea_2
The New Heaven and the New Earth
Moses walking through the Red Sea
Cobalt Blue Wave of Revelation
Noah's Arc and the Great Flood
Jesus Walking over Water_1
The Sixth Seal of Revelation
Jesus with Apostles in the Storm
Jesus Walking over Water_2
Jesus and the Revelation of the Second Bowl
Revelations of Saint John

About the series 'The Bible and the Sea'

In the series ‘The Bible and the Sea’  Van de Graaf tries to blend together two major influences in his life, passages of the Bible and the sea. He draws inspiration from the stories and wisdom in the Bible. This research is a part of his journey to seek meaning in life. The sea and the beautiful Dutch skies are also an ongoing source of inspiration for him. Every day he absorbs its beauty and colors because he is living and working next to the sea. 

These paintings are both referring to themes of the old masters, as to give his own modern translation and interpretation of his historical subjects. With every painting there is a sort of story board with references to biblical passages and references to paintings of the Old Masters as Rembrandt’s ‘The Storm on the Sea of Galilee’ (1632).

In these paintings he is working towards a balance between figuration and abstraction.