Mystic France  /  2012 - 2016

2015jan(2014)_Saved by the light_LeMontS
The Moon and the Basilica (Lisieux)
Le Mont St. Michel after battlefield
Saved by the light (FR)
Light breaking through (FR)
There will be light
Le Mont St. Michel in turmoil
Victory of Jeanne d'Arc
Getting Blessed (Bohan, BE)
Woman kneeling for Holy Virgin Mary
Source on apparition of Holy Virgin
Saved by the light / 2014 - 2015 / Oil on linen / 120 x 160 cm
Therese bij Basiliek_tekening
Therese bij Basiliek_tekening 2015_KL
Therese at the Basilica / 2015 / Graphite on paper / 40 x 55 cm