WORK IN PROGRESS          Stories of Transition  /  2020 - WIP

2021_03_Hellingweg 36 B_WIP_Series 10_4_
Work in progress / Series 'Stories of Transition' / Studio view


Watercolor Drawing Study_03 / Watercolor, Graphite and Conte on Cotton paper / 51 x 36 cm / 2021


Drawing Study_13 / Charcoal and Conte on paper / 42 x 29,7 cm / 2021

About the series 'Stories of Transition'

The series is inspired by transition periods in life. Moving from darker, difficult periods into the lighter ones, navigating through life to find your own path and the inner spiritual transitions to restore the connection with our souls.

These transitions often lead to breaking points in life, crossroads, difficult necessary choices and the need of letting go of the negativity from the past. 

The paintings are abstract symbolic translations about these transitions. These abstract metaphorical translations are staged on the island Patmos (Greece) where the beauty of the earth seems to touch a glimpse of heaven. 

The inspiration is semi autobiographical, but this given is not of any importance, as I think that themes like spiritual processes, depression and letting go of the past are universal themes which concern a lot of people around the world. Every painting is about a different situation or inner state of mind.

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