Robert van de Graaf (born 30 september, 1983) is a Dutch visual artist living and working in The Hague, The Netherlands. He concentrated on developing himself as a visual artist from 13 years old (1996). Van de Graaf followed an intense private painting and drawing training from 1996 to 2001 (until his 18th) with the Dutch artist Erica Meyster (1949 - 2006). His inspiration for his artworks continue to come from the same area of interest he had in his youth, he always wanted to be an artist.

After his training as a visual artist, Van de Graaf received a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Architecture (Technical University Delft) in 2009. In 2005 and 2006, he worked as an intern in architecture in New York City. At Steven Learner Studio (founder of ‘Collective Design Fair’, New York City) he worked on art-related projects as the ‘Haunch of Venison’ gallery (Rockefeller Center) and ‘The Granary’ (private gallery for the collectors M. Bucksbaum and R. Learsy), Litchfield County, Connecticut, U.S.  At the same time he had his studio in West Harlem, New York, where he worked on his paintings.

Van de Graaf stopped working as an architect in 2011 to devote himself entirely to his career as a visual artist.

He has since produced several theme-based series of artworks, especially oil paintings. Art Collectors from the U.S., the Netherlands and France have purchased his paintings, drawings and etchings.

2011  - current

2010 -  2011


2006 - 2007







2001 -  2009



1996  - 2001




Working as a visual artist, The Hague, The Netherlands

Working at two Dutch architectural firms


Internships in Architecture, New York City,

New York.

- Steven Learner Studio (Steven Learner, founder of 'Collective Design Fair', New York City, New York), worked on 'the Granary' (private gallery for the collectors M. Bucksbaum and R. Learsy), Litchfield County, Connecticut and 'Haunch of Venison' gallery, New York City, New York

- Rietveld Architects, New York City, New York


Working as a Fine Artist, New York City, New York. Studio apartment was situated in Harlem (143rd Street, between Broadway and Riverside Drive)


Faculty of Architecture, Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture, Technical University Delft,The Netherlands.

Graduated as Master of Science


Private education in painting and drawing by the Dutch Artist, Erica Meyster (1949 - 2006).


Born in The Hague, The Netherlands

Extensive resume on request